wholesale services

If you're selling services in California and Nevada or looking to expand your offering to the West Coast, buying wholesale services from TelePacific allows you to effectively extend your network while eliminating your need to build a switching platform, so you can establish a presence in new markets quickly and cost effectively.

And with a network that covers more than 90% of the population, choosing TelePacific means that you can use just one provider for all of your wholesale needs in our footprint; effectively eliminating the need to work with five different LECs.

Introducing Ethernet Virtual Private
Line Services

Engineered for reliability and performance, E-VPL affords private secure VLAN connections over TelePacific’s MPLS core network. From a single E-HUB connection, carriers can service their customers from anywhere within TelePacific’s coverage area. Leveraging the simplicity of Ethernet and the resiliency of MPLS, carriers can offer customers VoIP, video telephony and cloud services with high-speed connectivity.

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